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who we are

About BIPS

BIPS is projected to be a world-class Renewable Energy Developers for utility-scale solar power projects after several years of project development management and appraisal. The company is well positioned to address the challenges of the rapidly growing global solar market, combining a strong engineering team, global reach, and unparalleled responsiveness. We design and deliver high-quality solar projects to clients worldwide, benefitting from strong in-house engineering capabilities, global coverage, and unsurpassed responsiveness. Bethphage Integrated Project Services FZ LLE (BIPS) is also a responsive multi-disciplinary construction contract solution services provider various clients by supporting them in their delivery of complex and challenging infrastructure projects on time and operate within budget.


In addition to our experience in a variety of solar power applications, BIPS also specializes in Renewable Energy funding appraisal and brokers for prospective and Bankable Developers with high net worth credits. Our decades of experience in the Power and Infrastructure Project Appraisal and management makes us an ideal partner for Solar Utility Power park development.

Our Clients

In addition to serving major customers in the solar power sector, BIPS' customer portfolio includes many leading renewables investors around the world. Rewrite By consistently delivering quality projects around the world, we want to develop long-term partnerships with our clients, supporting their growth.

Our Services

We have the experience and capacity to support solar projects from inception, throughout the development and construction stages and for the complete lifetime of the plant. Our services are into main areas: Solar Power Development and Infrastructure Contract & Project Management.

A solar power purchase agreement (SPPA) is a funding system that enables enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions to purchase solar energy without incurring any upfront capital costs. Rather than investing in your own solar PV system, you rent your premises and purchase subsidized solar electricity.

A SPPA is a good way to profit from solar PV without having to take on the obligations of becoming a solar system owner-operator. Companies who prefer to reinvest their funds in core business operations will benefit from a PPA.

With long-term, proactive operation and maintenance activities, SPPA ensure your system performs in line with expectations and delivers the forecast savings for at least the next 25 years.

BIPS evaluates the capacity of your facilities location and collects information on your existing energy use and pricing.

We present you with a plan that details the projected financial savings and carbon reductions.

You agree to rent to BIPS the premises to build the Solar Power Farm and to enter into a Solar Power Purchase Agreement with BIPS (SPPA).

We install the solar PV system on your premises with minimal disruption to your business.

You benefit from lower energy bills for about 25 years, no maintenance costs, and worry-free system service with constant 24hrs electricity.

Ownership of the system can be transferred to you after 25 years, to enjoy free solar PV electricity for another 10 years of the remainder of the system life span

Zero Upfront Cost – Your commercial solar PV system is entirely funded by BIPS and you start saving from day one.

Immediate Savings on Electricity Bills – Solar energy is much less expensive than what the DISCO has to offer you.

Zero Cost ‘Green’ Credentials – Improve your environmental stewardship and relationships with environmentally conscious consumers, vendors, and employees.

No Maintenance or Insurance Costs – BIPS will operate the System proactively under a long-term operating and maintenance plan, which includes insurance coverage, all at no cost to you.

Long-Term Protection and Forecasting – The unit price you pay for solar PV-generated electricity will only increase in line with Retail Prices Index (RPI), allowing you to plan ahead more effectively.

Fully Transferable – If you move to a new location, the SPPA may be passed to the new occupants

BIPS is in willing to partner with leading international Solar EPC contractors to provide complete turn-key solar power solutions for utility scale PV projects.


  • Full turn-key EPC responsibility, • Optimized in-house engineering & design, • Procurement strategy based on approved tier-1 suppliers


  • Energy storage integration and hybrid solutions, • Power substations and grid interconnections

We are experts in O&M for solar power plants, offering a full range of plant monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance services backed up by appropriate contractual guarantees depending on customer requirements.


  • Preventive maintenance programs, • Spare parts management


  • Corrective maintenance, • 24/7 remote plant monitoring


  • Plant availability guarantees, • Information management and reporting


BIPS is experienced in the identification and assessment of the risk of construction fraud on projects, fraud by phase of construction and why construction fraud goes undetected. Also, advice in difficulties related to construction fraud and how to address them. BIPS identify specific symptoms and red flag of construction fraud occurrence and detecting bid rigging and price fixing. BIPS examine and suggest process and control. Our business is in the performance of services to government and private organizations in the areas of audit, internal control assessment, fraud risk analysis, and business processes assessment; grant management, contract compliance audit, claims management and expert witness

We offer an extensive range of support services to Contractors and project Developers both at pre and post contract phases, which are delivered by experienced, contract professionals team with hands-on project experience.

BIPS can carry out (Electronic Bills of Quantities) takeoffs from tender documentation.  We can arrange to print drawings and documentation from CD/PDF or simply forward to BIPS an email or CD via info@bethphag.net


We provide Formulate Bills of Quantities for pricing purposes and advice on rate sensitivity analysis. We can also support in obtaining Subcontract and Material quotations both local and international to allow pricing of Bills of Quantities.

BIPS provides full Tendering & Estimating strategy supports in tender compilation, which include site visit, pricing and attending a tender adjudication meeting. Engage in formulation of a Construction Program together with full preliminaries breakdown.

 QS Site Support – Site Contemporaneous records, Productivity, Cost Value Review/Comparisons.

Receipt of tenders from our clients, advising on contract conditions, full or part quantification, pricing using commercial budget rates, and full tender preparation ready for issuing

Quantification and production of full “take –offs” (E-BOQ)

Production of detailed scope of work documents

Production of full tender packages for sub-contractors and suppliers pricing.

Procurement Services

Supporting in attending Kick off/pre-start meetings/taking MOM notes

Contract viability analysis

Change Management/Keeping up to date Variation Logs and Substantiation

Producing regular account Valuations

Settling Final Accounts/Contract Close out

General QS support throughout contract

Assistance with preparation and completion of O&M Manuals

Assistance with retention re-claim

Anchoring Lesson Learned Workshop and Documentation

Managing Sub-contractor’s interim applications, variation accounts and Final Accounts. Site measurement/Client interim applications/Variation accounts/Claims for Extension of Time/Loss and Expense claims/Cost and Value reconciliations/General ongoing Contractual advice


Post Contract QS Services

BIPS provides Final Account preparation for and negotiation and conclusion for sub-contractors. Also making preparation of Subcontractor Final Account resolution and evaluation of Prolongation, Extension of Time (EOT) / Loss & Expense claims.

Solar Power Development

Based on our substantial project target project development opportunities. We aim to add value through a collaborative approach with local and international developers and investors in the following areas: We are in a better position to provide our Solar Power buyers through Build-Own-Operate (BOO) or Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Models with Solar Purchase Power Agreement (SPPA).

  • Site identification and assessment
  • Study of Energy yield & optimization
  • Environmental permits & Licenses & Development and building permits
  • Electricity Grid interconnections & LCOE optimization
  • Project Development agreements& Power Purchase Agreement Analysis.
  • Greenfield & Brownfield Development
  • Project Pipeline Acquisition
  • Financial feasibility
Our Achievements